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Orion-Cordage-Esterplex 12-Strand Polyester (Two-In-Train)-Blue I Green-Curved209.jpg
Orion-Cordage-Esterplex 12-Strand Polyester (Two-In-Train)-Blue I Green-Curved209.jpgOrion-Cordage-Esterplex 12-Strand Polyester (Two-In-Train)-Blue I Green-Horizontal125.jpg

Power Utility

Poly Plex 12-Strand Combination

This braided 12-strand polyester over polyolefin dual fibre rope is available in single-ply or double-ply construction. The polyester-and-polyolefin composite is wrapped around the polyolefin fibre, providing UV protection and offering a great industrial strength-to-weight ratio. Designed for utilities, it is also used in general marine, commercial and industrial applications. This line is easy to splice, lightweight, extremely flexible, and is 40% stronger than 3-strand "Poly/Dac" ropes.

  • Balanced, torque free construction
  • Good handling characteristics
  • Easy to splice
  • Holds knot well
  • High strength to weight ratio