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Orion-Cordage-Esterplex 12-Strand Polyester (Two-In-Train)-White I Green-Curved173.jpgOrion-Cordage-Esterplex 12-Strand Polyester (Two-In-Train)-White I Green-Horizontal59.jpgOrion-Cordage-Esterplex 12-Strand Polyester (Two-In-Train)-White I Green-Reel17.jpgOrion-Cordage-Esterplex 12-Strand Polyester (Two-In-Train)-White I Green-Horizontal80.jpgOrion-Cordage-Esterplex 12-Strand Polyester (Two-In-Train)-Red I Green-Horizontal128.jpg

Power Utility

Esterplex 12-Strand Polyester (Two-In-Train)

This two-in-train version of our industry standard EsterPlex product is designed to optimize slice-ability. It is used across a wide range of industries, from T&D utility through to commercial fishing. With the high-strength, low-elongation characteristics of polyester and carefully engineered to balance abrasion resistance, this rope also offers easy handling, splice-ability, and a firm line that helps get the job done.

  • High strength and low elongation
  • Coated with Rhinokote for added abrasion resistance
  • Easy to splice and handle
  • Balanced, torque-free construction