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Orion-Cordage-Powerlift -Dbl Braid Poly-Wht w/ Yel & Blue Tracer | Straight
Orion-Cordage-Powerlift -Dbl Braid Poly-Wht w/ Yel & Blue Tracer | StraightOrion-Cordage-Powerlift -Dbl Braid Poly-Wht w/ Blue Tracer | CurvedOrion-Cordage-Durastat Double Braid Polyester-White-Curved203.jpgOrion-Cordage-Durastat Double Braid Polyester-White-Horizontal101.jpg

Fall Protection

Powerlift Double Braid Polyester

Years of engineering and expertise have gone into developing what is our strongest, lowest-stretch double braided polyester product. With its strength, high abrasion resistance, durability and splice-ability, this is an extremely versatile rope. Orion uses a proprietary marine finish to reduce internal yarn abrasion and water absorption, giving the rope extended service life. Due to its low stretch and ability to retain shape, it is used extensively in controlled pulling and overhead lifting applications; in fact, this rope is a staple of the utility, fall protection, towing, and commercial marine industries.

  • Highest strength and lowest stretch in our catalogue
  • Excellent durability and abrasion resistance
  • Spliceable
  • Balanced, torque-free construction
  • Low elongation
  • Good UV resistance
  • Retains flexibility and shape with use