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Cable Pulling

Conduit Measuring Pulltape®

Made of bonded parallel polyester fibers, this tape is produced for use as an easily blowable measuring tape. It can also be used as a light weight pull line. Printed with sequential footage markings for accurate measuring.

  • Factory lubricated, low friction polyester minimizes duct melting
  • Easily blown through conduit for pulling and installing wire and fiber optic cables
  • Fully customizable – by printing, length, and put-up (plastic/wood/metal reel
  • or bucket)
  • Resiliently printed with easy-to-read, sequentially numbered markings that will not fade under challenging conditions
  • Manufactured in continuous reel lengths up to 100,000’
  • Low elongation and high dimensional stability to prevent surging for enhanced safety
  • Industry-leading product availability and lead times